Wedding Dress Alteration

Welcome to The Perfect Fit Bridal Alterations, where every stitch is a step towards your perfect day.

To Your Door Service

Excited to unveil our ‘To Your Door’ service, designed for the bustling lives of soon-to-be-wed couples. We get it—planning your wedding is a beautiful whirlwind of decisions and deadlines. That’s why we’re making things easier by bringing our bridal ensemble expertise straight to your doorstep.

From the first consultation to the final fitting, our team is all about providing a seamless, stress-free experience without you having to step outside your home. Imagine perfecting your bridal look in the very place your love story unfolds. With ‘To Your Door,’ you’re free to immerse in the thrill of wedding planning, knowing we’re here to ensure every detail of your attire is nothing short of perfect.

Dive into the convenience of personalized fittings at home. Let’s make your journey to ‘I do’ as effortless as it is unforgettable.

Celebrate your wedding day in a dress that's perfectly you.

Irina Makarova is at the heart of The Perfect Fit, pouring her passion and expertise into every project. With over two decades of experience in the industry, her journey started simply as a seamstress, perfecting her skills over time. Today, as the proud owner of her own brand, Irina’s sharp eye and ability to connect with each bride’s vision make her stand out.

But beyond her achievements, Irina has a special talent – she just gets what each bride wants. Using this skill, she creates stunning bridal outfits that make dreams come true, always striving for the best.

For Irina, each wedding dress is more than just clothing – it’s a story of love. She handles each gown with care, understanding the deep emotions woven into every stitch, representing the journey of a couple in love.


Lauren Rossiter

Irina was the seamstress altering my wedding dress and indeed she made it The Perfect Fit!! She was a lovely to work with, listened to all my requests, and by the end my dress fit like a glove! It was exactly the way I had hoped it would be and made me feel comfortable and beautiful on the day. I would definitely recommend Irina to alter your wedding dress!

Jen Keane

Irina did a beautiful job with my wedding dress. She was more than accommodating as she played around with different bustle styles with my mum and I until we had the perfect one, she was determined to have it still look pretty! She did a fantastic job with the alterations themselves, and although I’ve seen many other brides bustles snap or come loose, mine held firm all night until I was going to bed.

Denisa Morgan

Irina is a great professional, she did an amazing job on altering my wedding dress. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional service for a good price.