What’s your body type?

Body type dress making guide The Perfect Fit Dublin

Do you know your body type?

The most common body type shapes for woman are:

  1. Apple shaped
  2. Pear shaped
  3. Hour glass
  4. Rectangular

All of these shapes are beautiful, but unfortunately wearing the wrong style clothing and dresses for your body type can be unflattering!

Learn your body type

The Perfect Fit Swords are delighted to host a FREE event on April 5th. Come along and join in on a relaxing non-judgmental atmosphere of women who want to learn to dress for success!

The night will start with a greeting of Prosecco wine and light refreshments.

We will discuss the various body types and the style of clothing used to enhance the beauty of each body type. We will cover some sewing and dress making tips and the types of fabric suitable in a one to one environment.

At the end of the event you will be able to identify your body type and the type of dress, suit or clothing that should be worn to accentuate your figure. There will be handouts on what to wear and what to avoid for each attendee. The Perfect Fit want you to look your best every day!

That’s not all!…

Get a free skin analysis

The Light Wave Beauty Salon located next to us (in the same building) will be having an open day and you can avail of a free skin analysis at the same event – just pop next door to the beauty salon after your one on one body type assessment with us. To book your skin analysis go to  www.facebook.com/lightwavebeauthy.

To register for your FREE body shape seminar fill in the contact form below:

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