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The Perfect Fit offers a range of clothing alterations services and business team building activities.

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We specialize in clothing alterations for important occasions, this includes altering your favourite business suite to fit perfectly at that important sales pitch, job interview, business meeting!

Read what some of our business clients have said about our work:


“I found Irina to be very professional and skilled and excellent with advice when it comes to altering clothes. She has a great knowledge of styles and materials when making new clothes. Overall she provides excellent service at a great price”. Tetyana Chemerynska 5 * Spa and Beauty Services

“I have had suits repaired by The Perfect Fit Swords and was very happy with the professionalism and care taken with all repairs. I would not go to anyone else for my clothing alteration requirements” Samantha Dooley, Owner of Digitalizemenow.com 

“Irina has done a few jobs for me and I’m extremely happy with the results. One was an old dress that I love but the sleeves had holes because I wore it too many times. The Perfect Fit came up with the idea of changing the sleeves and they did an extraordinary job! I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a very professional, friendly and creative clothing alteration and restyling service.” Natalia Arnaiz Garcia, Bio-Energy Therapist & Reiki Master

“Irina has altered a number of garments for me and has also re-modeled a difficult bridesmaid dress for my daughter with excellent results. Irina will also use her knowledge and judgement to suggest what can be done to an old garment to bring it fashionably up to date. I highly recommend the Perfect Fit for their talent and professional manner”. Alison Haughton, Pilates and Yoga Teacher

“I have delt with irina for many months and I have to say that I never have had a problem with alterations. This lady is what I would call a master tailor. The work that was done for Love Suits here in swords was just amazing. I would recommend Irina to anybody that needs work done on clothing.” Damian Cullen branch manager Swords.



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